Skylloween returns

The annual Skyline College Skylloween event was held on Oct. 31, in order to help clubs fundraise and bring in potential new club members.

Skylloween occurs every Halloween and is filled with clubs selling various goods such as pizza, churros, spam musubi and more. Current club members were eager to inform students about what their clubs offer and see other clubs in a fun environment rather than their typical meetings.

“It’s a community experience,” said Sara Benchohra, ASSC Vice President. “That’s what Skylloween is to me: it’s all about community and having a great time.”

Benchohra went on to explain that the day mainly consisted of children from the on-campus daycare participating in trick-or-treating, costume contests, and a small dance performance from the Dance Honors Society. Three costume contests were held in total, with each contestant decided upon by the level of excitement that came from the audience.

Andrea Mendez, ASSC senator, described Skylloween as a mini club rush that gives students a chance to ask how to get involved. Although she acknowledged that not everyone may celebrate Halloween, she believed it makes the event a bit more fun and allows students the chance to dress up. She also felt it gave a chance for the different clubs to interact and have fun with one another.

“There are a lot of new clubs this year,” Mendez said. “We have about 40 clubs now. There are a lot of clubs where it’s their first time doing this, and there are some clubs that have been here but are trying to put themselves out there.”

Mendez was glad to see the event progressing, and stated that being in her second year of the event, she has noticed an increase in the crowd. She explained there is a different theme every year, such as the scary yet political theme and Greek and Trojan themes that have been done in the past few years. However, this time around, there was no specific theme.

Caitlin Evans, a Skyline student and Dance Honor Society member who performed at the event, felt combining Halloween with the club rush was brilliant and great marketing. Although she has essentially graduated and is currently taking just one class as a Skyline student, she was excited to be able to participate in the event.

Similarly, Skyline student Ricardo Berries, treasurer of the Photography Club, discussed how the club is attempting to raise funds for new photography equipment. He stated that when he first joined the club three months ago, they had so few members they made him treasurer. He hopes that with the new equipment they could photograph events for Skyline.

Mendez believed Skylloween was very successful, a common opinion among those interviewed. She states Skylloween will continue to be a tradition until someone decides otherwise.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity to come out here and talk to folks you would not normally talk to,” Mendez said.