Plan B now accessible at Health Center

The Skyline College Health Center now offers emergency contraceptives, or Plan B One-Step, for an affordable price compared to retail stores.

Students don’t need to worry about their financial situation regarding the purchase of emergency contraceptives.

The Health Center located in Building 2 is offering students the Plan B pill at a cheaper price of $15. Prices for emergency contraceptives sold at local pharmacies can range from anywhere from $35 to $60.

Plan B was brought to Skyline about five years ago when Planned Parenthood made visits to the campus and offered the pill to the students once a week. Eventually, Planned Parenthood stopped making visits at Skyline, yet the Health Center wanted the pill to be available to the students, so they continued to order the pill.

Emily Risk, a registered nurse who works at the Health Center, described the process of where to go to purchase the Plan B and the process before making the purchase.

“You come to the Health Center and speak to the nurse, your reason can be confidential when you check in, and if you are a female you fill out forms that go over different questions and symptoms to indicate whether she take a pregnancy test or not,” Risk said.

Risk also added that “Even it is indicated she can always say she doesn’t have to do it. We are not high pressure here.”

Risk also stated that at first, the pill was available to only females on campus. They realized as well that males can purchase the pill at their local pharmacies, so they made the pill available to all on campus to ensure safety.

When coming in to purchase Plan B, it can be confidential. Risk explained as well that even though they offer the pill, they don’t promote it as the best method to prevent pregnancy so much because they don’t want students to believe that is the type of birth control people should look towards.

Skyline student Alina Catubig spoke about the convenience of Plan B’s availability to students here on campus.

“I feel that emergency contraceptive is great for young women at a cheaper price because it is $50 at Target, Walgreens, and CVS,” Catubig said. “They tend to be sold out too. It’s great because the purchase of Plan B is confidential and can be sold to everyone because young women want to be smart and safe too about the outcomes that can occur during sexual activity.”

In college, accidents can happen during sexual intercourse, such as condoms being ripped. The Plan B pill being available to the students at school for a cheaper price takes away worthiness about money and how to handle a situation.

Patricia Laude, a Skyline student, spoke about the relief students may feel having this available to them for a less expensive price.

“I think Skyline selling Plan B at a cheaper price is more beneficial to students that typically can’t afford it and can prevent unwanted pregnancies,” Laude said. “Usually, the move would be to split the payment, which is fair, since it’s equal responsibility. But we shouldn’t have to worry about contraceptive money.”

Due to the price of Plan B at pharmacies, couples usually have to split the cost evenly so it would be more convenient for them without having to spend so much. There are circumstances where one individual would have to make the purchase themselves and wouldn’t be able to afford the pill.

Having emergency contraceptive being sold at Skyline is a resource that many students are unaware of. Anyone person is allowed to visit the health center to purchase the pill. The purchase is confidential and one just have to follow the procedures before buying the pill.Mark David Magat/The Skyline View