Office 365 available for district students to download for free


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Office 365 is now available to students district-wide to download for free on up to five devices.

“Microsoft’s Office 365 offering has been made available to Skyline College students to download a licensed copy for free,” Skyline College Interim Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, Jennifer Owen-Blackmon, said.

Skyline students who wish to download and use Office 365 just need to use their email accounts to sign up, according to District Director of Web Services Jasmine Witham.

The district has a link to the Office 365 sign in page at the top of the website.

Office 365 allows users cloud storage, enabling them to work from any location. In addition, files created using one of the applications available with Office 365 can be stored in the cloud or locally on personal computers and other devices.

Office 365 is available to students who are enrolled in qualifying schools, who have brought it for students, faculty, and staff.

The district’s move completes the cycle that began with the decision to move all employees emails to “a hosted solution from Microsoft called Office 365” as stated last year in the district newsletter, Skyline Shines.

The Applications available to users who download Office 365 are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access and Publisher. It can also be downloaded to Apple computers, iPhones, Windows phones, and Android phones.