Proposition 39 grants funding to California community colleges

Community colleges statewide have been granted $45 million for environmentally-friendly infrastructure and green jobs training, according to an Aug. 11 press release from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

$40 million is intended to make energy saving upgrades to campus infrastructure, which is estimated to save $4.6 million per year in energy costs, and $5 million will go towards green-job training. Included is funding for Cañada’s solar photovoltaic array, which is anticipated to launch next year and provide half of the campus’ power.

The funding will be provided by Proposition 39, also known as the California Clean Energy Jobs Act, which was approved by California voters in 2012 to fund energy-saving measures on K-12 and community college campuses and green jobs training.

Cañada will receive $553,635 from Prop. 39 funding and an additional $777,107 utility incentive for the $3.6 million solar panel project.

“In an era which threatens diminished classroom resources, this project serves to expand those resources through insightfully planned cost savings,” said Cañada College President Larry G. Buckley.