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On May 12, the Associated Students of Skyline College for the school year of 2014-2015 were elected.

Here are your winners: President: Nicole Harris, Vice President: Dennis Zheng, Commissioner of Finance: Davante Cade, Commissioner of Publicity: Nicole Palmer, Commissioner of Public Records: Miku Mendoza, and your senators: Jessica Baumann, Gianna Grelli, Ramzy Azar, Brayan Palma, Vanessa Melendrez, Katherine Bello, David Martinez, Jonathan Gonzales, Judah Darwin, and Marlon Gayton.

There wasn’t a winner for the Commissioner of Activities because no one ran for the position this year. We will have to wait for someone to run next year for the position.

Each of the winners has high hopes for the next school year.

Nicole Harris, the new ASSC president, says that she plans to continue with what she already planned before her election. The “Four Cs,” connecting, collaborating, and contributing to the community.

“If we prepare ourselves to be better individuals, we’re going to, in turn, touch our families and they’re going to touch people, and it’s just something that’s going to spread,” Harris said.

“I want to plant the seed of paying it forward,” Harris said, “So I want us to start paying it forward. This is one of the kindest campuses I’ve ever been to in my life, and I feel that if one person just passes along kindness or information that as a community, we’re going to grow stronger as a whole.”

Dennis Zheng, the new ASSC vice president and vice president of the Model United Nations club, wants to advocate for the club to get new funding, get Skyline College Organization and Club Council involved, and plenty more. He would also like to thank everyone who voted.

“With Nicole’s president help,” Zheng said, “I feel like things will get better.”

He hopes to make ASSC and SOCC a better place.

Davante Cade, the new Commissioner of Finance, plans to propose a budget that caters to the needs of Skyline’s students.

“They pay their rent fee for us to represent them and I want to make sure that that money is going to things that are actually going to benefit them.” Cade said.

The newly elected officers are looking forward to a great year, and hoping that many things, including the finance, improve in the following school year.