Growing closer though Distance Education


Screenshot by Michelle Kelly/ The Skyline View

A screenshot of a Skyline student’s online portal to learning Math 120.

Nico Triunfante, TSV Multimedia Editor

Distance Education is becoming more popular amongst Skyline College students in the past couple of years due to the easier time management and self-motivation toward studying.

According to Skyline College’s website, statistics show that over the years distance education has become more popular amongst its students. Starting in the 2009/2010 semesters, the number of available classes increased little by little every year.

Students in the distance education program have also increased in the past years. Between 2010 and 2012, over 1000 students included an online course in their semester. More students aboard also meant that more professors are included in the program.

“I enjoy taking an online class because it’s easier to manage on your own time and do at your own place instead of in the classroom on a set day to day basis,” said Chanel Piper, an online accounting student.

In a survey conducted by Skyline College taken by 282 Distant Education students, less than seven percent of the students taking an online course were unsatisfied. Additionally, 86 percent of those students felt that the course met their learning needs.

Kevin Corisglia, Associate Professor at Skyline College and Head Women’s Soccer Coach, created FITN 199.1, an online fitness class available from the school.

“I did the online classes because Skyline itself wanted to improve its distance in education offerings and they wanted someone to earn their AA degree online,” Corsiglia said. “One of the stumbling blocks was fitness courses, you have to take two fitness courses to get your AA degree.”

In order to prevent students from cheating, Corsiglia uses the Nike App on Smart Phones so students can keep track of their progress. Some students have become creative on using the app on their dogs or others to use the app for them, but it defeats the purpose of actually becoming fit.

Corsiglia uses the app to enhance self-motivation for his students.

“The feedback that I’ve been getting on the course for the last six semesters have been very positive, everybody seems like they’re looking for a way to self motivate and use these apps to create self motivation,” Corsiglia said.

Students in other online classes find that distance education is beneficial toward time management. It allows students to work around their busy schedule, especially those with jobs and other priorities.

“I can easily be in bed, on my MacBook, you can do it anywhere and it can work around your schedule,” said Angela Arriola, an Online Biology student. “It’s a lot harder to learn the material because you can’t easily ask questions or talk to the teacher, but I would recommend it to students who have extra important priorities and can’t make time to actually be on campus.”