Skyline begins a fundraising contest to benefit typhoon relief


Photo courtesy of Russell Watkins/Department for International Development

Typhoon Haiyan leaves the Philippines in destruction.

Chris Christenson, TSV Photographer

Typhoons are tropical storms which Californians may have never experienced, but in the Philippines they can have multiple devastating ones throughout the year. Just recently, the Philippines were hit by Typhoon Haiyan. Which is said to be a “super typhoon”. This typhoon has caused over 5,000 deaths as of Dec. 4, 2013 and growing.

There are many relief efforts going on, but many organizations only donate a portion of what they collect to the cause. At Skyline College, NAFCON (National Alli­ance for Filipino Concerns) came to visit to discuss what they can do to relieve these issues in the Phil­ippines. NAFCON is a Bay Area community organization where almost 100% of their donations go to the Filipino people. Other than helping out with this typhoon, they help get rid of human trafficking, earthquakes and other problems plaguing the Philippines. Even though these events can’t be publicized as fast as they want, everyone should understand that NAFCON can only do so much; it’s also the effort of the people to put these actions to effect.

On Wednesday, Dec. 4, NAF­CON had a meeting with other local organizations to solve the problems of spreading word about the issue and figuring a way to find more help. Out of this came a collaborated idea to make a social media site where they can connect ideas. With this in mind, this idea of the issue will be more publicized so that more people can become aware of these tragedies that are still going on even if the mainstream media were to fail on the continuous update.

When Eric Argamaso, a mem­ber of the CSM Filipino Student Association and CSM’s Alpha Gamma Sigma, was asked what he felt would be the best way to publicize these events in a college environment he stated “either through e-mail or Facebook”.

The reason behind his answer was due to how college students already have the internet incor­porated in their life due to their homework, contacting professors, and other academic obligations.

One major topic that was dis­cussed in the NAFCON meeting was that the drive is already there. The student body just needs to pick up on it, but even if this were to fail. There will be a continuous effort to help entice students to be more involved.

At Skyline College Paul Bolick, a History professor, created this idea with Counselor Nate Nevado where people donate a sum of money and the top three who make the highest donation win $100 in either an iTunes, Amazon, or Sky­line College Bookstore certificate. For the Skyline club who makes the most money, that club will earna $100 Visa Card.

Even though this is a wonderful fundraiser, not many people have heard much about it.

When Margo Feldman was asked if she heard about this donation she said, “I haven’t heard much about the fundraiser, except that it’s happening. It’s for a good cause, so it would be great to know more information about it”.

To fix this issue, she suggested use more fliers. The best way to succeed in this whole idea of help­ing the cause is for everyone to try their best and find a reason to take part, and share.