Voter turnout abysmal

Voter turnout for the recent Skyline elections was roughly three percent of eligible Skyline students.

Only 3.24 (323 out of 10,102) percent of eligible students participated in the special elections for ASSC according to results from Amory N. Cariadus, Coordinator of Student Activities.

Senator Dean K. Santos claimed that students not voting during elections ultimately had minimal effect on the function of the ASSC, but he points out that students themselves are directly impacted by the policies implemented by the administration and other bodies. He also pointed out that if students don’t vote, then they end up not voicing their opinions.

“There’s a myriad of reasons and factors in play that couldn’t be specified why there’s such a low turnout.” said Senator Dean K. Santos. “I think students don’t vote because they don’t think it impacts them or affects them directly.”

The low turnout could very well be due to the fact that many students feel powerless when policies are enforced, and they don’t get the chance to voice their opinions. That is not so, as the below statement from the Senator illustrates.

“The ASSC has a voice in these proceedings with the administration, and students need to understand that,” said Senator Santos. “We are the middleman between the administration and the students. We represent the students when dealing with the administration and various committees who come up with policies that directly affect students.”