Skyline elects new leader


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Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud is Skyline’s new presidnet who replaced retiring president Victoria Morrow after Fall semester 2010. (Courtesy of Christianne Marra)

Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud will be the next president of Skyline College. She will replace retiring current President Victoria Morrow after the fall semester.

Her appointment was announced on Nov. 22 by Patricia Miljanich, President of the Board of Trustees of the San Mateo County Community College District. Stanback-Stroud was chosen out of a field of over forty candidates.

Stanback-Stroud has been Vice President of Instruction at Skyline College for almost a decade. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Howard University, a master’s in human relations from Golden Gate University, and taught nursing and pharmacology for 15 years.

After Skyline College held the presidential open forum in October, where Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud and other candidates gave presenta­tions and answered the questions of attendees, it was up to the District Board to make a decision.

“From a strong field of candi­dates, the Board has selected an experienced, talented and dedicated community college educator to lead Skyline College,” Miljanich said in a press release.

The current presi­dent of Skyline Col­lege, Victoria Mor­row, was happy with the announcement.

” I am v e r y pleased about the appointment of Dr. Stanback-Stroud as the next president of Skyline College,” said Morrow in an email statement. “She is brilliant and extremely knowl­edgeable and will be a terrific presi­dent. I know that I am leaving the college in good hands. We have already begun to plan the transition to ensure that it goes smoothly.”

Wh e n a s k e d about what the ap­pointment meant to her, Stanback- Stroud shared how excited she was about future plans for Skyline.

“I am quite honored and hum­bled to be given the opportunity to lead and serve Skyline College, the students, the esteemed faculty and staff and the surrounding com­munity,” said Stanback-Stroud in an email to The Skyline View. “As the next president, I will continue the great work the college is doing. I anticipate the learning communities will continue to grow and be strength­ened because they make a significant difference in the success of students.”

Stanback-Stroud’s statement emphasized her plans for implementing college initiatives that would help both students and staff.

“These are big, no, h-u-g-e issues but Skyline College has proven over and over again that it can and will successfully reach its goals and overcome hurdles,” said Stanback- Stroud.

Donna Bestock, chair of the hiring committee, participated in appointing Stanback-Stroud. She and the other members of the committee wanted to make sure the best people for the job were up for selection.

“It was a rigorous pro­cess. The committee only forwarded people that we felt would be excel­lent for us,” said Bestock. “I think I speak for everybody when I say that we are happy with the result.”