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Martha Gellhorn, legendary journalist and woman

Lauren Gozon

December 7, 2018

Martha Ellis Gellhorn was an American writer, travel writer, and journalist who was considered one of the great war correspondents during the 20th century. During the span of her 60-year-long career, Gellhorn reported on virtually every major world conflict that took place. Ernest Hemingway, an American author was Gellhorn's hu...

Friends with benefits

Friends with benefits

December 6, 2018

Cold, unsatisfying experiences. Catching an STI. One-sided feelings. “Catching feelings.” Emotional...

CIPHER brings the community together

Maria Isabel Del Castillo Schmidhuber

December 6, 2018

The CIPHER (Center for Innovative Practices through Hip Hop Education & Research) had their fourth annual Holiday Bling Vendor's Fair and Open Mic which promoted local businesses and provided the community with some early holiday shopping, as well as a space to use their voice at an open mic.The CIPHER program at Skyline Coll...

Going to school while coping with mental illness

Alejandro Gomez

December 6, 2018

Death, stress, heartbreak, and major life changes can causes mental illnesses that affect people who are living their lives. But most of the time these people just go to school and deal with regular tasks. Depression affects thousands of people, proving that people are not alone with how they are feeling. Anxiety is an afflic...

Music and Mood

Sam Esser

December 6, 2018

With music being so easily accessible now, we, as the consumer, can listen to whatever music we want in an instant. Kiana Wong, a Skyline student, has multiple Spotify playlists, titled “Sad Songs,” “Happy Tunes,” “Vibes,” and many more, in order to make her feel a certain way throughout her day. Music...

Lovey’s serves up authentici-tea

Olivia Bowman, Copy Editor

December 5, 2018

Lace curtains fill the windows. A row of gently-used mismatched seating rests outside of the 1950s diner-style business. Holiday lights glow from within and through the glass doors making it easy to see the many trinkets that line the walls. An eccentric business, Lovey’s Tea Shoppe in Pacifica has been serving customers high...

Bones! Bones! Bones!

Raymond Rapada, News Editor

December 5, 2018

Bones! Bones! Bones! — the anthropology department here at Skyline displayed new bones and artifacts donated by the California Academy of Sciences in an open house on Wednesday, Nov. 28. The donation was comprised of several skulls, post-cranial bones, pelvises and a nearly-complete skeleton. Before, the department’s...

Skyline’s final bow sparks emotions

Laurel B. Lujan

December 2, 2018

The chilliness of the theater had the audience silent and focused on what Skyline College’s final play “All My Sons” had to offer. The work by Arthur Miller and directed by Kevin Simmers oozed tension and relatable heartache in all the right places during one family’s story of a dramatic downfall. In...

Remembering and celebrating loves ones

Remembering and celebrating loves ones

November 8, 2018

On the evening of Friday, Nov. 2, darkness fell upon the Mission District where hundreds of people gathered...

Peer Mentoring: “Achieving the best together”

Maria Isabel Del Castillo Schmidhuber, Focal Point Editor

November 8, 2018

Transitioning to college for any student can be a bit challenging and hard to handle at first, especially when you are new and intimidated by the system, but Skyline College has created a new program that helps students with transitions and the college life overall. Retention specialist, Raymond Gutierrez from Skyline College,...

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