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Accessories take the spotlight

Accessories take the spotlight

November 8, 2018

Fall is upon us and although the last minute heat wave has staved off the cold for now, sweater weather...

‘The play is like a swansong’

Laurel B. Lujan, Editor at large

November 7, 2018

'From the first floor of Building 1, projected voices can be heard from above. Going up the stairs, students are seen partially dressed in costumes. A cast of 10 people are rehearsing for the last production before Building 1 is demolished. Arthur Miller’s play, “All My Sons,” is directed by Skyline professor Kevin...

Reducing violence with Human Libraries

Reducing violence with Human Libraries

October 15, 2018

Violence, the action of wanting to hurt someone or to damage something, the action that drives a lot...

Kids play in inflatable balls in a pool at Fog Fest Pacifica on Sept. 30, 2018

A Look into Fog Fest

October 15, 2018

Every year in Pacifica, the city holds a massive event consisting of community-based vendors and big...

Seeing the world though a Queer Eye

Mark David Magat, Opinions Editor

October 9, 2018

In this divisive society, the U.S. seems to be broken into smaller opposing groups: this political group against that one, this religious group going after another. But it all can't be bad. The show "Queer Eye", follows five queer men using their unique talents to help people around Georgia. Each of the leading m...

What deaf individuals wish hearing individuals knew

Simone Ledbetter, Editor-in-chief

September 27, 2018

Many people know of American Sign Language (ASL), but few attempt to learn the language or about the culture as a whole. Deaf individuals spend a lot of time around hearing individuals who do not know how to act and who often times come across as very rude.This article attempts to break the barrier and properly inform others...

Candytopia is a golden ticket winner’s dream

Raymond Rapada, News Editor

September 27, 2018

Pop-up exhibit Candytopia is a fun and colorful venue for Bay Area Instagrammers and sweet tooths alike to mingle with candy-crafted creations and capture pose-worthy photo-ops and tooth-tickling treats in every room. Candytopia is only open until the end of November and prices range from free for kids 3 and under, $26 for...

“When We First Met”: Accepting reality as it is

September 27, 2018

The Netflix romantic comedy, "When We First Met" brings sweetness and laughter, but also hopeful, yet...

Money Heist: The unexpected is certain

Money Heist: The unexpected is certain

September 12, 2018

"Money Heist" is a different yet exciting Spanish Netflix series that will have you rooting for the nine...

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