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Letter to Editor: What Libya Needs

Tarek ElJarrari, Psychology Faculty

May 22, 2016

More weapons!?!? Really?!?! We will be repeating another blunder in a part of the world where America has become inextricably associated with sowing instability, death and destruction. Let’s do the exact opposite. Take out what weapons are already there. Place an arms embargo on the country until the feuding parties run...

Letter to the Editor: I am a huge believer of California’s community college system

Marie Martin, Resident of Pacifica

February 5, 2015

Editor: I am a huge believer of California's community college system. Though I cannot really afford adding it to my property taxes, l always vote for any measure that will benefit the SMCCCD. As a further show of support, I decided this week to try the Salon and Spa at Skyline College, which was most impressive. I brought...

Letter to the Editor: student representation fee

Scott G. Beach, Alumnus of Skyline Colleg

December 8, 2014

Dear Editor: A “student representation fee” of $1 per semester is being collected at Skyline College and at Cañada College and at College of San Mateo. The San Mateo Community College District has reported that on June 30, 2014 its “Representation Fee Trust Fund” contained more than $138,000.* That sum represents...

Letter to the Editor: I believe Chancellor Galatolo summed it…

Linda Allen, Student Services - DSPS

November 7, 2014

Editor, I believe Chancellor Galatolo summed it up when he wrote, “Dr. Stanback Stroud modestly performs all of her duties, functions and roles with the utmost integrity and devotion to her craft and has never exemplified anything close to a narcissistic or egotistical persona. In reality, which obviously escaped the illustrator...

Letter to the editor: Skyline View, Oct. 23, 2014

Dr. Jackson, Skyline College Department of Psychology

October 28, 2014

Editor, I am writing to express my utter disappointment in your article and illustration in the previous (October 2) issue of the Skyline View where, what can only be described as a gross and offensive mischaracterization of our president was allowed publication. Despite the notion that the illustration had “nothing...

Letter to the Editor: Regina

Ron Galatolo, Chancellor, San Mateo County Community College District

October 22, 2014

Editor, Simply stated, I was aghast and deeply offended when I saw the Editorial Cartoon in The Skyline View’s publication dated October 2, 2014. First and foremost, The Skyline View has provided a wealth of opportunity for many learners to fully understand the many facets of journalism and to comprehend the power of an...

Letter to the editor: Dear TSV

Leigh Anne Shaw, Associate Professor, English for Speakers of Other Languages

October 17, 2014

Dear TSV, I wanted very much to weigh in online to your poll about your controversial editorial cartoon in the last issue, but your poll button doesn’t seem to record votes in any browser I tried. Nor can I figure out how to leave a comment since when I try to do so, the window shifts away from the article I tried to comment...

Letter to the Editor: TO WHOM IT CONCERNS

Raymond Jones, Ph.D., Interim Director of Middle College

October 15, 2014

Dr. Cornel West asked the Skyline College audience to “Keep in mind the four pillars of integrity, honesty, decency and virtue.”  Your editorial cartoon of Skyline College President Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud lacks all of the four pillars.  Dr. Stanback Stroud has been an ardent outspoken supporter of social justice, student...

Letter to the editor – back to Skyline

Alice Barnes

August 28, 2014

To the editor, It is a thrill being back at Skyline in a student capacity. During the 40 plus years since I last sat at a desk in building 8 you have grown so much and what a marvelous story you tell! Lots of things have changed and the new buildings and the gorgeous landscaping and the many course offerings, my, how I...

Letter to the Editor: Senate bill 850

Leigh Anne Shaw, Vice President of the Academic Senate

April 17, 2014

Dear Editor, Thank you for your article of April 17, 2014 entitled "Senate bill 850 is a win." The article clearly delineates reasons why this action would be good for all community college students: costs of 4-year schools escalating, meeting demand of employers, and limited spaces at the CSUs and UCs, among others. What the ...

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