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Extracurriculars Don’t Equal Success

I-Wei Chang, Staff Writer

April 24, 2019

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Have you ever been forced into extracurricular activities by your parents? Nowadays, some parents make their kids do extracurricular activities like piano lessons or painting because they think extracurricular activities can cultivate children’s interest and other parents think it will help children to enhance self-confidence....

Just say the Word: Shazam Review

Mark David Magat, Co-Editor in Chief

April 17, 2019

Filed under Focal Point, Movies, Reviews

When watching another movie with a friend of mine, a trailer for "Shazam" came on. She then, in turn, looked at me and asked, “Is there really a hero named Shazam?” and proceeded to laugh a bit. To be perfectly clear, I am not the biggest fan of DC movies and "Shazam" was kind of a weird choice considering all DC has to...

The World of Little Things

Kendrick A. Rojas, Focal Point Editor

April 17, 2019

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In a world of chaos, looking at the little things in life can evoke a sense of stillness and gratitude. The power of gratefulness can drive individuals towards their passions and happiness. We all want to do big things with our lives but it's important to acknowledge the small steps it takes to get there. In times when yo...

Skyline succumbs to Fresno, two Trojans still shine

Skyline succumbs to Fresno, two Trojans still shine

April 17, 2019

Skyline College women’s badminton team lost 16-5 against Fresno City College in the first home game...

Editorial: Worth the Ride?

April 17, 2019

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College students are no stranger having to use public transportation in order to get from Point A to Point B. In the Bay Area, it almost impossible for anyone to not have to use either the bus, train, or a light-rail transit. We are fortunate to have such a wide-range of services. Many students also prefer to use ride-hailing...

Jordan Peele’s Latest Film was Made for “Us”

Sean Sliger, Staff Writer

April 17, 2019

Filed under Focal Point, Movies, Reviews

The 1980s horror movie “C.H.U.D.” where subterranean monsters are created by a nuclear spill that effected the homeless, is given a small nod in Jordan Peele’s horror film “Us”. The film brought interesting topics to the table that will have viewers overthinking every person they see as they walk out of the theater,...

The Administration of Justice Program Offers Students Insight on Criminology

Patricia Laude, Staff Writer

April 17, 2019

Filed under News

The Administration of Justice program (A.J.) teaches students about law enforcement and legal studies, preparing them to transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The program’s coordinator and the sole full-time Criminal Justice professor at Skyline College, Professor Steve Aurilio, stated the major’s success within...

2 Minute Read: Tiger’s Roar is Back

Daniel Archuleta, Sports Editor

April 17, 2019

Filed under Sports, Sports Columns, The 2-Minute Read with Daniel Archuleta

3,955 days. Just about 10 years and 10 months ago. For me, I just remember being at home, wondering why two golfers are playing against each other on a Monday afternoon. It was the 2008 U.S. Open playoff featuring Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods; the last time Woods won a major tournament. I knew from that moment watching Woods...

The Beat: Tasty Licks in Double Necks

The Beat: Tasty Licks in Double Necks

April 17, 2019

Two times the trouble, two times the practice, and two times the arm strength. Double-neck guitars are...

Weekly Briefs: April 18, 2019

Kylea Pearson, News Editor

April 17, 2019

Filed under News, Weekly Briefs

Billie Eilish’s Latest Album Skyrockets to Number One and Hasn’t Moved Since The alternative pop star, Billie Eilish, released her album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?” on March 29 and ever since the debut, the album soared up to number one on the global music charts. The 17-year-old singer-songwriter has be...

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