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Looking north towards a hotel and other buildings at Rockaway Beach. (Stephen Benoit)

Out and About: Rockaway Beach

March 30, 2011

Rockaway Beach is a small beach in Pacifica that's a quick drive from campus and a nice place to go...

Will you go down into the rabbit hole and enter the wonderful world of minecraft? (Stephen Benoit)

Minecraft”: Creative addiction using cooperation and survival

March 30, 2011

You are a visitor in a strange place. On your first day, you will wander the blocky, Lego-like world, wa...

Trojan Chat: Devin Kelly

Mario Rodriguez

March 30, 2011

The Skyline View: What got you interested in playing and what was the first team you played for? Devin Kelly: My grandpa signed my brothers and I up for Pee Wee baseball in South San Francisco when I was 8 years old and I just fell in love with the game. The first team I ever played for was the Pirates. TSV: How difficult is it to train when be...

Adaptive P.E. enables students

Blair Harde

March 30, 2011

There are many physical education options at Skyline, but contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be completely physically capable to take part. Chip Chandler is an instructor here who teaches not only regular fitness classes but also adaptive physical education classes. Adaptive Physical Education is for people who want ...

Eureka Square now has more empty buildings like these than it has actual businesses.

Pacifica’s Eureka Square largely abandoned

March 30, 2011

If you didn't know any better, going into Eureka Square, you'd think Pacifica was a ghost town. Eureka Squa...

 (Alexis de Guzman)

Girls uncovering their potential

March 30, 2011

Math and science are the fields of knowledge that most females are most likely to turn their backs to...

Money Saving Tips from Lui$

Luis Osorio

March 30, 2011

As a college student, being able to save should be a trait that is learned and mastered. Saving takes only seconds in live action, but it takes much time and many steps to master. Taking control of your traits involves yourself, persistence and, in this situation, location. Any location that you're in can lead to much saving or...

Vincent Iannone(Left) talking with Puente counselor Sandra Rodriguez(Right) a facilitator at the event. (Kiriakos Vilchez)

Career networking

March 30, 2011

Network, network, network. This was the refrain echoed by several professionals at Skyline College's Ca...

Budget cuts threaten our career options

Brittany Olgardt

March 30, 2011

America is already widely known for having some of the worst education in the world. Our public and even private schools pale in comparison to those in Europe and Asia. Teachers are underpaid and over-worked, struggling children are not given the attention they need to do well in school, and gifted kids are so bored with th...

Confusingly bad, “Sucker Punch” is not worth the wait

Jay Johnson

March 24, 2011

"Sucker Punch" was a disappointment. From the trailers of the film, you get the usual Zack Snyder flair that you saw in "300" and "Watchmen." There is cool-looking slow-motion action, desaturated color schemes and more cool slow-motion action. What the trailers don't tell you is that the plot is confusing as hell and that th...

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