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She calls herself a work in progress

Shari Bookstaff, author of

Antoinette Estigoy

April 23, 2010

On Monday April 19, Shari Bookstaff, a marine biologist and biology professor at Skyline College, presen...

Doctor assisted suicide, the morality or lack thereof behind

Stephen Benoit

April 23, 2010

There is an incredibly complex battleraging across the United States about whether or not it is sociallyacceptable to allow a doctor to help a patient commit suicide if theyare suffering beyond hel There is an incredibly complex battle raging across the United States about whether or not it is socially acceptable to allow ...

Earth Day should be everyday

A collection of books appropriate for Earth Day (Antoinette Estigoy)

Antoinette Estigoy

April 23, 2010

Global warming. Sustainability. Going green. These are some of the important topics that people are lo...

A coyote wandering close to Skyline College campus (Stephen Benoit)

Coyotes encroach on campus, spotted close to childcare center

April 21, 2010

Coyotes have been spotted disturbingly near Skyline facilities, including the childcare center.Often ...

Jackie Speier speaks to a veteran at her town hall (Stephen Benoit)

Congresswoman Speier speaks to community youth

April 21, 2010

Congresswoman Jackie Speier spoke at a town hall meeting on April 12 that was specifically geared to...

Kick Ass and Hit Girl, two of the main characters (Universal Pictures)

Real people can “Kick-Ass”

April 21, 2010

Ever wonder why no one ever truly tries to be a real superhero? You're not alone--we've all wondered th...

If only this really were “The Last Song”

Katherine Ramirez

April 21, 2010

Most movie reviews start with a brief synopsis of the plot.  One of the problems with "The Last Song" is that there are so many subplots going on, it's nearly impossible to try and describe any of it in a brief fashion. Technically, the film is about a young rebellious girl named Ronnie Miller (Miley Cyrus) who, al...

Food Times: Pizzeria Delfina

Jeremy Amayun

April 21, 2010

When you arrive at Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission district of San Francisco, you will probably see a long line of people waiting to get in. As you pass the waiting crowds and finally take a seat inside, you will feel like you're at the local favorite neighborhood pizza parlor, only jazzed up a bit with a modern aesthetic touc...

An interesting sculpture in Orange Park (Luis Osorio)

Out and About: Orange Park

April 21, 2010

In the city of South San Francisco, there have been many changes in rebuilding centers and parks in th...

Little leaguers playing with a metal bat, possibly unaware of their dangers (Luis Osorio)

Is this the third strike for metal bats?

April 21, 2010

The use of metal baseball bats in youth baseball programs is currently being questioned.Gunning Sand...

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