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Mike Shinoda rockin' out at Projekt Revolution. ()

Thousands of Fans Join the Revolution

August 26, 2008

With 50 million albums sold worldwide, there shouldn't be any doubts as to why Linkin Park is the bi...

Fires raged in Yosemite through July 28th 2008 ()

Summer in Yosemite

August 26, 2008

Summer is a time for students to let go of school and have a good time. What they do for a good time di...

Stuff to do at Skyline

Andrew Lidwell

August 26, 2008

Students who have time to fill between classes may often find themselves in a lull, caught with little work and nothing to do. This is more common with students straight out of high school, who schedule themselves large gaps in classes without considering how to fill them. The first couple of weeks can be especially hard to...

Garret Hom demonstrates his acting abilities (Marian Mesia)

Skyline not a drama free zone

August 26, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama! Not the kind one deals with at home, with friends, school or work. Okay, maybe sc...


August 26, 2008

A year ago a daily parking permit cost a dollar, but since the Spring '08 semester parking costs have risen dramatically to two dollars. We at the Skyline View don't believe it should rise this much despite the reasons offered by school administrators.Currently the school is undergoing budget difficulties because the parki...

Brittany Piccolotti, newly elected ASSC vice presidant and Mauricio Flores Hernandez, newly elected President of the ASSC. ()

Skyline elects new ASSC

August 21, 2008

After a weeklong election, Skyline's ASSC has officially announced the result of the student governing po...

Welcome Back!!!

August 21, 2008

Hello and welcome to the Skyline View. For those of you who do not know what we are, we are the student run newspaper for Skyline College. We hope you have enjoyed your first week at school, and by next week we will have new content up online and a new issue of our paper out. In the meantime feel free to check out/comment on...

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