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Dear Dr. G

Dr. G

October 31, 2007

Hello one and all! This is Dr. G welcoming you to another edition of Dear Dr. G. As some of you may or may not have realized, last issue there was no Dear Dr. G column. I had contracted a severe case of strep throat, not a staph infection as some had purposed, and was knocked out for a good solid week. Who knew you could still...

Selena Rodriquez defends the ball against Evergreen Valley in the Tuesday Oct. 30 home game in which the Lady Trojans won 5-1 ()

Lady Trojans defend their home turf

October 31, 2007

As the Evergreen Valley College coach shouts across the field with frustration in her voice, students and p...

A knockout night

Robert Stack after a knockout victory ()

Nick Donofrio

October 25, 2007

In what sport can you get a knock-out knee to the face while wrestling on the ground?Mixed Martial Arts...

Get exposed at the art expo

Allison Stevenson

October 25, 2007

What is Skyline College all about? An art exhibition sponsored by Common Ground is sponsoring the exhibit "Who Are We? We Are Everyone" to help the off campus community learn what this campus is all about and to connect on a personal level with students and faculty.Skyline College is holding an art exhibition which represents wh...

Fear, loathing, and transferring

Shannon Elliott

October 18, 2007

Everyone does it, it happens to us all at some point in our educational lives at Skyline: the dreaded transfer. Yes, that's right, transferring, moving on to the big bad world of education outside these hallowed halls. And I'm scared because my number is coming up; all CSU applications are due at the end of the next month.So as...


October 18, 2007

On Oct. 16, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would protect journalists from being forced to reveal any and all sources they have in a court of law. The bill was passed in a landslide victory (398 to 21), and is considered a victory for journalists everywhere, according to "".The bill allows journal...

New developments on slain Skyline students

1987-2005  ()

Mike Risenhoover

October 11, 2007

The Skyline View would like to acknowlege and apologize for not properly attributing sources in regar...

Mike Celeste takes over as chief of security

Jenn Culhane

October 9, 2007

Mike Celeste has been Skyline College's new Chief of Security since July 2, 2007. His main philosophy is community policing, which he says is "a partnership between the Skyline Community and the Campus Security". He is especially qualified for this position because he was a Colma police Sergeant before an injury forced him in...

Skyline College students get rid of the flu

Liz McMahon

October 7, 2007

Yesterday the Skyline College Health Center offered $20 flu vaccination shots to Skyline students."There [are] three strains that the Center for Disease Control thinks are going to be prevalent this year," said visiting nurse Dina Valenzuela of the San Mateo Office of Sutter Visiting Nurses. This flu season includes the Soloman ...

First amendment abuse

Jesus Hills

October 7, 2007

Last week, the President of Iran was in New York for a United Nations summit. However while he was in New York, Columbia University invited him to be a guest speaker for the world leaders conferences they will be holding all year. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been a world leader of some infamy in the years since he became presi...

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