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ASSC faces another Run-off election

Carina Woudenberg

May 21, 2006

The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) election results are finally in. However, run-off elections must be held between presidential candidates Kiiausha David and Luis Padilla, and Munira Adams and Melody Hisatake for the position of commissioner of finance, to determine which candidate will be filling the respective po...

 Badminton team sends players to championships ()

Badminton team sends players to championships

May 18, 2006

The Skyline's women badminton players ended their season with a 3rd place standing and some had the ...

Future of student government speaks

Carina Woudenberg

May 18, 2006

Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) student government elections are taking place on Skyline's quad, from May 15 to May 18. Eleven students are running for positions on student council this year. There are three students running for the position of president and one for vice president. Three students are running f...

 Photoed Julia Johnson meticulously working on an auto engine. (Courtesy of Julia Johnson)

Homemaker shifts into high gear

May 17, 2006

Rather than performing daily household chores in high heels and pearls, Skyline student Julia Johnson se...

Point / Counterpoint

Gina Murray and Syed Ali

May 16, 2006

PRO: Gina MurrayCollege is about more than just academics. It's also about growing up, becoming responsible, making friends, and enjoying sports. Sports are just as much a part of the college experience as staying up all night cramming for tests, drinking coffee non-stop, and attending classes. College students and people ar...


May 14, 2006

As Americans living in this modern world of ours, we have many things to worry about. Terrorism, school, and work problems have only been a couple of things to lose sleep over. But now there is another thing to add onto your dish: oil prices.Oil prices are at an all-time high right now, and there is little that the average c...

Lack of attendees does not denote importance at Skyline’s immigration forum

Syed Ali

May 14, 2006

On May 10, there was an open-forum held in regarding the controversial immigration bill that has caused much a stir among immigrants, especially those of Latin descent. The forum was held in room 2306, between 2 to 4 p.m., and was hosted by Dr. Masao Suzuki, professor of Economics. Ironically, the large room did not coincide ...

Cinco de Mayo celebration on campus

Albert Mendoza and Hilda Fernandez performed folkloric dances at the May 3. Cinco de Mayo celebration. (Frank Romero/ Staff Writer)

Adriane Desiderio

May 14, 2006

On May 3, the Latino American Student Organization held a Cinco de Mayo event which included a speech, fo...

Skyline to trade transfer requirements

Sabrina Belara

May 14, 2006

Graduation requirements for Math and English are tentatively set to change beginning fall of 2007. The Academic Senate as well as the Board of Governors, the two main parties initiating the changes, may implement that the current math requirement of elementary algebra be moved up to intermediate algebra, and English moved up ...

Don’t miss your chance to make a change

Nicole Givens

May 14, 2006

So it's come to that time again- early spring, when patriotic décor compliments a plethora of candidacy flyers and different types of memorabilia with a future electee's face on it. The smell of freshly printed ballots lingers through the air, and everywhere- and I mean everywhere- you go, one of these candidates is desperately tr...

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