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The Fashion View…Get your fur on!

Daniel Sumbang

November 6, 2005

The fall season is finally in full swing and fashion is the name of the game. Many of us relate the fall season with cold and windy weather. Usually we pile ourselves up in numerous layers and maybe that occasional puff jacket. Whatever the technique may be, we just want to keep warm. So what item is usually light but can ke...

Get your Fix…need help choosing Spring classes?

Liezl Laurel

November 6, 2005

The end of the fall semester draws near, as the spring semester comes closer. This could only mean one thing: Time to register for your classes. When signing up for your classes you have to think about whether you are planning to transfer or if you want a degree. Whatever your situation is, these are some things you could do...

I’m Mentioning:

Frank Romero

November 6, 2005

This week I'm going to complain about you.Just thought I'd throw that out there right from the start, though to be more specific, I'm really complaining about the students of Skyline College in general.In this very issue of The Skyline View we have for you the Advice Nerd, where John Harrison tackles the subject of STD awareness...

Letters To The Editor

November 6, 2005

I am the Early Childhood Education, (ECE) Department, Coordinator here at Skyline College. I am writing to express my serious concern about the recent advertisement in the Skyline View dated September 26, (page 9). The ad is promoting ECE units that can be earned quickly, (15 units in 10 weeks), from American College of California wh...


November 6, 2005

It's November already and it seems like 2005 has just blown right past us. By now, most of us are looking toward the future of our educations and have already signed up for classes in the Spring semester. However there is a small problem with signing up before the Fall semester is over. What if you're not doing so hot in a ...

Advice Nerd:

John Harrison

November 6, 2005

Hello Skyline. I'd like to address an issue that many people at this campus put out of their minds until it strikes... the issue of sexually transmitted diseases. STD's are everywhere, but there are things you can do to keep yourself clean. The first step is to keep yourself informed.Pass the ClapThere's a whole slew of free S...

Fresh look for Skyline

Peter Murphy

November 6, 2005

Sandra Irber, Director of College Development, defines the Fresh Look Project as "A close look at all of the ways Skyline College communicates with its students and the world-the signage; publications such as the catalog, class schedule, flyers and posters; the website and more."The Fresh Look concept was presented to the College C...

Concert Review:

Vlad Metrik

November 6, 2005

So the place was the legendary Fillmore auditorium. The event: 311. The crowd: mostly surfer/rockers (surfing brand names were seen on the majority of tee-shirts). Then there was me. In order to be completely enthusiastic about the whole evening I needed a good sapphire tonic first. After taking care of that I loosened up...

Who wants Free Gift Cards?

November 6, 2005

The Skyline View will be conducting a survey over the next two weeks in order to improve content quality, as well as to gain some insight as to what you, the reader, are looking for in your newspaper.It's simple really, all we're asking for is for you to take a moment of your time to fill out the survey below and to drop it o...


Kyle Chidester

November 6, 2005

This week's book is filled with magic and wonderment. Wizards and dragons, dwarves and elves. Distant fantastic lands. No, I am not talking about "Harry Potter," I'm talking about the classic. The one and only, J.R.R. Tolkien's "the Hobbit."This timeless tale travels back to a world where school classes and grades were of n...

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