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War Of The Words:

Salem Admassu and Derrick Sanchez

November 20, 2005

pro: Derrick SanchezI in no way encourage students to smoke but the sad thing is after you hear Salem's rebuttal, you will probably grab your box of menthols and not give her reasons a second thought.As sad as it sounds, Skyline College is populated with binge smokers. Cigarettes, cigars, and any other type of nicotine and/...

 Alecxis Lara wrestles his component at the San Francisco State Tournament on Nov. 12. Lara, hungry for a state title will get his chance at it on Dec. 9 and 10 in Santa Rosa. The team will find out who's going to state at regionals on Dec.3.  (Bob Varner)

Wrestling team prepares for state

November 20, 2005

Skyline's wrestling team competed at the San Francisco State Tournament on Nov. 12, individually sc...



November 20, 2005

Charles Morales is a freshman on Skyline's wrestling team from Riordan High School. Morales wrestles in t...

Volleyball wraps up

Gina Murray and Pauline Roselada

November 20, 2005

Skyline's volleyball team ended their season tied for fourth place in the conference with a conference record of 3-7 and an overall record of 3-11. "We could've done better," Coach Jan Fosberg said. "We had some key injuries; some players couldn't finish the season." The team had a lot of freshman this season, and if all the p...



Kyle Chidester and Kyle Chidester

November 20, 2005

On the low rising hills to mountains off the California coast just south of our loved campus, a young...

Concert Calendar

November 20, 2005

Slims 333 11th StSan Francisco, CA 94103(415) 225-0333Nov. 21$18/$207:30 p.m.Saves The DaySenses Fail EarlyEarly NovemberNov. 22$18/$207:30 p.m.Saves The DaySenses FailEarly NovemberNov. 23$139:00 p.m.PropagandhiGreg MacPhersonWestern AddictionNov. 25$209:00 p.m.Children of BodomTriviumAmon AmarthNov. 26$169:00 p.m.Lagw...

Drinking and driving with Death Cab for Cutie ()

Vlad Metrik and Vlad Metrik

November 20, 2005

So once again my brother overbought tickets thinking his friends would be interested, but none of them hav...

Voting with your dollar (part two)

Vlad Metrik

November 20, 2005

Two issues ago, I wrote about the choices we make everyday when buying products and the ethical repercussions therein. This time I'm going to examine how those product choices influence politics. We see ads every day for things we want, and often we feel like some C.E.O. somewhere is deciding what it is we want and there...

I’m Mentioning:

Frank Romero

November 20, 2005

I never know how to start these things; I guess I'll just get right into it.This last week marked the release of the new Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". Now, as of this moment I have not actually seen the film but that doesn't really matter anyway. This column is not about that movie, it's about Har...

Letters to the Editor

November 20, 2005

"Now before I explain any of my personal views, I must say that I am notheterophobic, I've never had any problems with heterosexuals and that I don't think any lower of individuals who choose, "that type" of lifestyle."This letter is in response to, "Coming out of the closet," by Derrick Sanchez.I find this article misplaced ...

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