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Leo Gomez claims that certain logos can dehumanize ethnic groups ()

Skyline’s MOT Alumni presents ‘Kick’

November 30, 2005

Skyline's MOT (Museum of Tolerance) Alumni paired with the youth organization ENCOMPASS to present the on...

Book of the Week:

Kyle Chidester

November 20, 2005

On the low rising hills to mountains off the California coast just south of our loved campus, a young man found beauty and inspiration. He found friends and while he spent time with them, he wrote a collection of poems to commemorate them. In his book Whale Watching with a Boy and a Goat, Terry Gifford expresses his deepest re...

Band Of The Week: The Riverdales

Shannon Elliott

November 20, 2005

Sometimes you just need a band you can rock out to and sing along with a band that has good lyrics and knows how to have fun while having a bit of substance every so often. The Riverdales are just that band- something you can put on in your car and sing a long with, then suddenly stop singing as you realize that the person in...

courtesy of The Riverdales ()

BandOfTheWeek: The Riverdales

November 20, 2005

Sometimes you just need a band you can rock out to and sing along with a band that has good lyrics an...

Get your fix…

Liezl Laurel

November 20, 2005

It's about ten minutes before your flight to L.A. leaves, and you're on standby. You run all the way to the security check point, place your stuff in the x-ray machine. You walk through the metal detector and wait for your items on the other side, when a security screener tells you he/she needs to perform additional screening on...

Fashion View:

Daniel Sumbang

November 20, 2005

Yes, it's so true, the 1980s did make a huge comeback in the 2000s. But thank God those awful trucker hats and Members Only jackets are a thing of the past, once again. So why did the 80's come back in a huge way? Possibly it's our generation paying homage to the bright shocking colors, the old Adidas track suit, and th... ()

Jarhead leaves audiences slightly unfulfilled

November 20, 2005

Most likely, you intended to see the movie Jarhead expecting to witness on the silver screen a cine...

Enuff Said:

Adam Halleck

November 20, 2005

Recently, the big news in Hip Hop is the fact that Jay-Z [Shawn Carter] and Nas have made amends after their near decade long dispute. Nas, along with The Lox [Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P.], Beanie Siegel, Freeway, Sauce Money, Diddy, and a few others. What does this mean? It means that two grown men can put aside th...

Advice Nerd:

John Harrison

November 20, 2005

Greetings. Many students at Skyline College are here directly from high school, and many times they come to college expecting that their high school woes will be left behind. Guess what? It doesn't always work out that way. I've got an email here that illustrates my point:Hi Advice Nerd,Well I found it hard to believe that clos...


November 20, 2005

Skyline Students are becoming more and more apathetic each day! A few weeks ago there was a fight between two girls outside building one. About 10 students witnessed the conflict and just stood there, one young man just took a picture of the event. Apparently for these students, the action and excitement of the fight was mo...

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