Culture Dance Performance at Skyline College

Shaquill Stewart, TSV Staff Writer

As the finale of Skyline College Asian Culture Week the Chinese Dance school put on a wonderful performance on Friday night in the school theater.

This is the Chinese Dance school’s 8th annual performances and they have grown each year as a top dance school in San Francisco.

The two man instructors are Kaiwen You and Aiping Zhou, and both are devoted to instructing Chinese Dance education throughout the Bay Area.

The school has performed all over the Bay Area, from Dia de Los Ninos/Dia de Los Libros to America’s Family Expo. The San Francisco Public library has invited them to perform for the past 5 years as well.

Being able to perform throughout the Bay Area has given past and present students the chance to learn the value of hard work. Students range from 3.5 years old to adults, and all have had the chance to showcase and teach about their culture through dance.

Tons of friends and Family came to support the dancer as the organization has always wanted to promote Chinese culture and to enhance the importance of Chinese dance in the community.

The China Dance School was founded in July of 2004 in San Francisco’s Richmond District. They currently have over 100 students at the school.

To get more information about the China Dance school you can got to there website –