Why I hate the “she-hawks”: let me count the ways

Shaquill Stewart, TSV Staff Writer

Everyone’s talking about this weekend’s big game between the Seahawks and the 49ers at Candlestick. It has become the biggest and most passionate rivalry in the NFL, not only between players and coaches, but fans as well. Look, I get it. The Seahawks are 11-1 with the best record in the NFL, yet they are so cocky and I hate that about them.

What gets under my skin about the Seahawks? First is Pete Carroll. This guy ran from the USC sanctions and now leads a team that has the most suspensions in the NFL and gets away with it. Can we just hurry up and get to the point when Carroll and Jim Harbaugh bite and gnaw each others’ faces off at midfield? Another reason I hate the Seahawks is their crowd. They’re only loud because of their stadium.

Seahawks fans love to be cocky about how loud their stadium gets. “We caused an earthquake you guys!” Or “we have a world record for the loudest stadium in the world!” Congratulations, you got lucky because an architect designed you a stadium that traps noise. Seattle fans certainly aren’t any louder or more passionate than anyone else.

Another reason: Golden Tate. Notre Dame, that’s it.

Here’s another: Richard Sherman got off on a technicality. Adderall might be a stupid thing to suspend someone over, but it’s still a banned substance thatled to the suspensions of several other players that got suspended. Sherman only got off because he pulled a Ryan Braun and got saved because someone mishandled his urine sample. Really?

You know what I really get sick and tired of is Russell Wilson being an underdog. Maybe he was around the draft, when concerns about his height caused him to slip a round or two after he should have been taken. But guess what? He was still a starting quarterback in the league in week one over Matt Fynn. Yet as soon as he won the starting job, he ceased to be an underdog story. Stop talking about how short he is. He’s 5′ 11″. He’s taller than Micheal Vick. He’s not a midget playing quarterback. So what he lost a little money on his rookie contract. Colin Kaepernick is still on his rookie contract so I think he’ll be all right in the long run.

I know its the holiday season and you have to be kind towards all people but the spectacle of pro football doesn’t stop once the game clock hits zero — no, the tension has been rising for months, and off the field, fans and players have been talking smack since before the Seahawks blew out the Niners 29-3 when they met in September. It all comes to a head Sunday afternoon when the teams face off at the ‘Stick. Let’s Go Niner faithful!