Skyline Men’s Soccer loses Opener

Trojans Juan Gomez (right) on the defense.

Photo by Will Nacouzi/The Skyline View

Trojans Juan Gomez (right) on the defense.

Shaquill Stewart, TSV Staff Writer

The Skyline men’s soccer team was defeated by Foothill College on Friday, Sept. 27 with a score of 2-3.

The Trojans played the Foothill College Owls on a bright sunny day. They were shocked however as, in the first five minutes of the game, the Owls scored quickly to open the game 1-0. The Owls controlled the tempo for most of the first half, communicated better and were faster reaching the ball. “We weren’t communicating. Also we weren’t passing the ball around, just trying to force it,” said Trojan defender Conner McNab.

Clearly the tone was set early for the Owls, as they were very physical and getting to the ball quicker than the Trojans. With 35 minutes left in the first half, Joao Felipe Costa, of Skyline College, received a yellow card from a foul during the match.

The Trojans were trying to find opportunities, but could not open anything up and had one corner kick with 28 mins left in the half. The Owls’ goalie made a fantastic save which led to a counterattack and a corner kick from the Owls giving them another goal to lead 2-0.

Closing in the first half the Trojans had one more shot at goal with a break away by Gabriel Sanchez, but missed by inches with 13 mins left and what would’ve been the closest the Trojans get in the first half to scoring a goal until the second half where the team changed its attitude and mindset.

In the second half the Trojans’ communication and attitude were going to be the key to a victory as they came out with a better mindset to keep fighting. “Our coach talked to us in the second half about getting back in the game. We went back to basic [and] to calm everybody down,” said McNab.

Even though the Trojans came out with tons of energy in the second half, the Owls came out with two shots on goal but the goalie made good saves on each of them.

Yet later in the game the Owls scored another goal to make it 3-0. As the game was coming to a close Yoann Rosas, the Trojans’ captain, scored a goal with 15 mins left in the game to make it 3-1.

That goal proved to be the spark as they kept fighting and grinding. Rosas scored again with six minutes left in game and the whole team and crowd was pumped up, believing they could make this comeback happen.

They had one more shot with a corner kick, taking out the goalie to have an extra man on offense, but it went wide and out of bounds to the Owls and the comeback didn’t come to fruition.

“Communication is huge and we just can’t force the ball,” said McNab, on what they need to do to get better as the season goes on.

The Trojans take on the De Anza College Dons next on Oct.1 at 3 pm.